R66 Turbine Helicopter

The five-seat R66 Turbine helicopter is reliable, economical and easy to maintain. R66s have a two-bladed rotor system, a T-bar cyclic and hydraulic power controls that eliminate feedback forces. The R66’s spacious 300 lb capacity baggage compartment along with the powerful Rolls Royce RR300 turbine engine give operators greater utility. The lightweight RR300 engine operates on readily available Jet A fuel, delivering increased reserve power, additional payload and improved altitude performance. The R66 meets the FAA’s current crashworthiness regulations and features the latest in Robinson technology including streamlined instrument panels, energy absorbing seats and crashworthy bladder fuel tanks.

Engine Rolls Royce RR300 turbine Rolls Royce RR300 turbine
Horsepower 300 shp turboshaft; derated to 270 shp for takeoff and 224 shp continuous 300 shp turboshaft; derated to 270 shp for takeoff and 224 shp continuous
Maximum Gross Weight 2700 lb (1225 kg) 2700 lb (1225 kg)
Approximate Empty Weight
(including oil & std avionics)
1280 lb (581 kg) 1345 lb (610 kg)
Fuel Capacity (73.6 gal) 493 lb (224 kg) 493 lb (224 kg)
Pilot, Passengers, and Baggage (with maximum fuel) 927 lb (420 kg) 862 lb (391 kg)
Cruise Speed at Maximum Gross Weight up to 110 kts (204 km/h) up to 110 kts (204 km/h) )
Maximum Range (no reserve) approx 350 nm (650 km) approx 350 nm (650 km)
Hover Ceiling IGE at Maximum Gross Weight over 10,000 ft over 10,000 ft
Hover Ceiling OGE at Maximum Gross Weight over 10,000 ft over 10,000 ft
Rate of Climb over 1000 fpm over 1000 fpm
Maximum Operating Altitude 14,000 ft 14,000 ft
Electrical System 28 volt 28 volt

R66 Turbine Marine

Outfitted with pop-out floats, the R66 Turbine Marine offers an additional level of safety for over-water travel. Designed for emergencies, the six-chamber floats inflate within 2-3 seconds of activation. A lever on the pilot’s collective releases pressurized helium from a tank located under the aircraft’s right rear seat. The activation lever uses a mechanical pull cable and does not rely on an electrically actuated system for inflation. Floats may be activated and flown at speeds up to eighty knots The installation adds approximately sixty-five pounds to the helicopter’s empty weight. When not in use, floats roll-up and stow in protective covers along the aircraft’s landing skids. The streamlined, low profile design minimizes drag and allows for easy entry and exit of the cabin.

R66 Turbine IFR Training

The R66 Turbine can be equipped with specifically designed instruments and avionics to prepare and qualify IFR pilots at a fraction of the cost associated with larger, more expensive instrument-equipped helicopters, but with the same high-quality equipment.

IFR Equipment

Recommended instruments and avionics for IFR training include Primary and Multi-Function Displays, GTN 650 or 750 navigators, Mode S transponders with ADS-B, and digital chronometer as listed on the Optional Avionics & Instruments Price List

Although the R66 IFR Trainer is designed for instrument flight training, it is not approved for actual IFR operations. While student pilots are flying on instruments, the instructor must act as the safety pilot and operate only under VFR conditions.

R66 Turbine Auxiliary Fuel Tank

An optional 43-gallon auxiliary fuel tank is available for the R66 Turbine helicopter. It extends the helicopter’s range by as much as 200 nautical miles (230 statute miles). The fuel tank mounts on a fiberglass tray that installs in the forward section of the baggage compartment. The tank occupies two-thirds of the compartment, leaving space for up to 100 lb of cargo. Both the tray and tank can be removed when not needed. The system weighs approximately 37 lb. A crash-resistant fuel bladder fits in an aluminum and fiberglass enclosure with an internal fuel pump that pumps fuel to the helicopter’s main tank at approximately 40 gallons per hour. The controls are located in the upper avionics console and feature an ON/OFF switch, a NO FLOW annunciator light, and a fuel QUANTITY button.

R66 Pricing & Operating Costs

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